A Generation for Christ
A multi-denominational ministry

Gen. C was created by a group of youth leaders from multiple churches and denominations to serve our young adult community in DeKalb, seeing there was not many other ministries for them, locally. The concept is simple:  get young adults together to fellowship, pray, and study the Word. All are welcome and invited!

Our Fearless Leaders
Josh and Leslie Wessel

Josh and Leslie Wessel - with their children Sarah and Nathaniel - moved from West Kentucky in Spring 2017 to Lighthouse Christian Camp, where they served until November 2020.   While at camp, they had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of youth, but also the young adult staff and volunteers.  

Josh reached out to the leaders of a new Christian young adults ministry called Gen-C in the spring of 2021 seeking to volunteer.  After coming out to a few meetings and being a guest speaker - the Wessels jumped at the opportunity to be group leaders.

In addition to meeting weekly for Bible study, the group is planning fun activists, service projects, and group retreats this fall and winter.

I want to come!

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