Prayer Shawls...

Prayer Shawls are shawls made by crochetting or knitting that several women in our church make for outreach purposes.

Prayer Shawls are made with the intention of bringing comfort and peace to those going through a tough time, whether that be a physical trial or mental and spiritual trial. They also serve as reminders, to their recipients, that they are being wrapped in prayer from those in the community. 

Simply contact the church office, let us know who it is going to, and we will prepare one and pray over it with you! 


How a Prayer Shawl Makes an Impact
Jeania Cawthorn

"It was the best gift I have ever received. I sleep with mine. Last night, I covered Alison as she laid in bed with a high fever. This morning, she woke up without the fever. I love this ministry and the folks behind it." 

Evan Morse

"When I tore my ACL, I knew that I would face a hard, long recovery ahead of me.  Despite knowing that I could make it through the surgery and recovery, the thoughts were still daunting to process.  When I was given the prayer shawl the night before my surgery, it was a reminder that not only God was there to help me, but that the rest of my church was supporting me.  

The realization that my church’s unconditional care was with me put me at ease, and it was the reassurance that I needed.  Despite my knee being fully healed now, my prayer shawl still reminds me that I can always rely on God and my church to help me through any battle.

Marie Watkins

"It was such a blessing to get my prayer shawl, just knowing that the prayers were going up to the Lord, asking for His Will to help me heal. Christian friends are the next thing to Almighty God and His Son when someone is struggling with their health." 

121 Prayer Shawls Distributed!